When you choose a locksmith to carry out work for you there are many considerations – so here are 5 reasons to choose a local locksmith in Cardiff.

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1) A Local Locksmith In Cardiff Has Superior Knowledge Of Your Area

Just like in any industry, you can choose to go with a national locksmith, or you can choose to go with a local locksmith


The beauty of choosing a local locksmith in Cardiff is you’ll be dealing with people who know the area just as well as you do.


This is great because as a local locksmith we know all of the crime spots, the good spots, and the types of inquiries specific to your area.


So you can be assured the locks we’ll fit for you will be relevant to your situation and circumstances.

2) Personal Attachment & Care

Local Locksmith In Cardiff - Care and Attention to detail

A local locksmith in Cardiff is far more likely to have a personal attachment with you.


If you were to call a national locksmith, as they are a big company, they’ll be highly concerned with hitting their daily sales targets.


Unfortunately, this may lead to rushed work and you might be left feeling like you’re being treated as a sales number as opposed to the person you are.


Here’s the difference…


As local locksmiths, we pride ourselves on the work we do for you.


We rely on your feedback, your reviews, and your word of mouth to recommend us to other people you know.  


So we are far more invested in you than a national locksmith would be.


So the personal care and attention in ensuring you have the right lock fitted, ensuring it works correctly, and ensuring it’s secure and functional is of utmost importance to us and ultimately benefits you.


As a local locksmith, we won’t rush your job or cut corners on the work we do for you.


Our only concern is you, your safety, your security, and your happiness and customer satisfaction.

3) Quick Response Time

As a local locksmith in Cardiff, we can get to you quickly.

Local Locksmith In Cardiff - Express Locks Cardiff - Quick Response Time

If you are in Cardiff, we state we can be with you within an hour, but in most instances, we can be at your doorstep within 20 minutes.


Why stand around for a long time if you’re unable to access your property?




Just pick up the phone and call us…


Because we’re local to you, we can be with you and have you back in your property quickly so you can continue with your day with minimum delay.

4) Competitive Pricing

Express Locks Cardiff - Value For Money

What you’ll find within the locksmith industry, is that the bigger national locksmith companies do a lot of advertising.


The advertising costs they pay to companies like Google, Bing, Yell, and others mean they do spend a lot of money just to get you to call them.


Here’s the problem…


You’ll be the one who pays for all of their advertising through a higher final price when you pay for the job they’ll do for you!


So by choosing a local locksmith, you’ll only be paying for the parts and the labour costs of your job.


Going with a local locksmith means you won’t be paying an additional cost to cover any advertising spend.


When you choose a local locksmith in Cardiff, you’ll find the final price you pay is more affordable and better value for money for you.

5) Building Relationships

Make Local Connections with Express Locks Cardiff - Your Local Locksmith In Cardiff

We pride ourselves in not only being able to provide locksmith services in Cardiff and South Wales, but we also have a lot of relationships with other small businesses.


How does this benefit you?


Because our work crosses into other industries as well, like windows and doors, property management, cars, and commercial business there’s a good chance we can recommend a reliable person to carry out other types of work you may need in the future.


Overall, choosing a local business can provide numerous benefits for you, and in addition, you’ll be supporting the local economy and community.  


Very importantly, you’ll be surprised at what you can get back from your local community too.

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