Express Locks Cardiff part of the Chimeara Security concepts group of companies

Express Locks

Our Values

Responsive – We aim to be with all customers within a 1-hour period.

Reasonably Priced – We aren’t here to try and make a bad situation worse with extortionate charges.

Recommended – Most our our work is from work of mouth, Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority.

An honest Locksmith from Cardiff

Multi lever lock

People First

Our customers are our business so we will always do our very best in a bad situation.

Quality of work

Repair or replacement, Our work standard will always be of the highest quality.


We are dedicated to providing the best most affordable service’s possible. After all if you are calling us it generally isn’t a planned expense.


Our expertise is what will save you time and money.

Quality on Every Job

We always repair where possible saving the customer money.

We are here to Service your needs.

If you are looking for advice or guidance please feel free to call. We will help guide you to the best of our ability.