Our Bifold Door Service – Saves You Time and Money

Using our bifold door service helps you maintain your doors functionality’ and means you’ll avoid expensive repairs later.

Bifold door service cardiff and south wales

Bifold doors are beautiful and bring light and openness to your property.


So it’s essential you keep them well-serviced and maintained.


If you fail to do regular bi-annual servicing on your bifold doors, they’ll eventually become a victim of weather, wear and tear and potential failure.


If you allow your doors to fall into a state of disrepair, you’ll quickly find out that getting them repaired or replaced is expensive.

The Cost Of New Bifold Doors

Because you’ve got bifold doors installed on your property you’ll know how much you paid for them.


Let’s face it, they weren’t cheap.

  • The starting price of new aluminium bifold doors with 3 panels is £1,700
  • The starting price of new aluminium bifold doors with 4 panels is £2,150
  • The starting price of new aluminium bifold doors with 5 panels is £4,000

Given how much they cost to buy, do you know how much it costs to get them fixed as a result of a failure?


If the gearbox fails on a bifold door you’ll need to get it replaced and this is going to hurt your wallet.


Replacement handles that have become locked in are going to put a sizeable dent in your bank balance.


Worse still, if your bifold doors contains rare or obsolete parts, guess what, you are going to have to pay a big price for these components.


Extreme weather will take its toll on bifold doors.


As we live in Wales, we can expect both cold wet conditions in the winter and some really hot days in the summer. 


It’s inevitable your bifold doors will develop issues over a period of time.


Here are some of the problems you can expect to face…

  • Misaligned or difficult-to-open panels
  • Worn or damaged hinges
  • Problems with the door’s track or hardware 
  • Warped or distorted doors that become difficult to open and close properly

If any of these issues arise, you’ll find yourself making a phone call for an expensive quote to get your doors repaired or replaced.


Is that a call you want to be making?

How To Avoid An Expensive Bifold Door Repair Bill

The simple solution is to service your bifold doors on average twice per year to accommodate both hot and cold weather.


Our simple and effective service on your doors will save you money in the long run.


Here’s what we’ll do for you…


We’ll arrive and conduct a full inspection of your Bifold doors for any signs of fault

We’ll check the track, rollers and runners to ensure your door panels fold and stack neatly and glide smoothly and efficiently as they are opened and closed


We give your hinges a complete service so your doors will pivot and fold smoothly and evenly without binding and sticking


We’ll dis-assemble the handle assembly and service it so you’ll have peace of mind your latch mechanism works securely


We expose the multi-point gearbox within the framework and apply a special solvent to treat and clean it making it easier for you to open and close the door


We use a silicone-based lubricant which will keep the internal components of your doors in an operable condition


We’ll adjust your door alignments and keep sets to ensure they engage with the handle so there is no movement which could prevent future wear and tear


All components will be re-assembled after treatment, and we’ll conduct a final check, so you’ll know everything is in full working order

And we’ll do all of this for you for just £95.

Future-proof and protect your bifold doors and avoid expensive repairs. 

Call 07747 877483 and book your bifold door service.