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24/7 Emergency Response

Securing of property.

Post a break in, we can cover moderate to full repair and restorative works to re secure properties.

If the damage caused is irreparable on the spot, we have many solutions to temporarily re secure an address immediately, from boarding up to arrangements of 24hr + on site security personnel.

Call the Chimaera for your immediate  solutions.



Building Keypad Access

Gain entry.

 If you cannot gain access to a property, our experts will get you in.

From a simple snapped key in a door lock, or door mechanism / handle failure, to a full electronic entry system failure, our method of entry specialist will not only get you in, but can normally rectify the problem on spot.

Call the Chimaera to get you back in.

Boundary Breach Repairs

If you have a secure compound or property perimeter that has been damaged or breached, our 24/7 service has you covered, from a temporary patch, to full restorative repair.

Call the Chimaera for your fencing, gate, garage, perimeter restoration solutions


With over 20 years experience of the enforcement industry, our specialist team are available 24/7 for enforcement contracts often supporting the enforcement industry and enforcement agents on site, from covering possession orders to high court writs, our experienced team has you covered.

Bailiff’s / E.A’s have our numbers on speed dial for a good reason.

With access to the correct ppe such as ballistic vests and body worn video (BWV) , we can help cover the most difficult of situations with ease.

Call the Chimaera now for your enforcement needs.

Victims Support

As an authorised agent for the victims support charity, we have solutions ready to go.

Call the Chimaera now for the best option.

Cabinet Doors

Locked out of important office files, we can help you get to those important documents.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Quick response and great service. Thank you for your help so quickly.

James Dudley


Very good service. I had a wooden door with broken hinges, a loose door handle. Andrew came out quickly gave a clear estimate and fixed everything for a reasonable price.
David Morgan



As licensed locksmith professionals, we know the value of speed and security

Your Security Matters to us, be it locked out or looking to review and tighten up your home security. We can assist you with all your needs.

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Other Services


Dealing with lockouts, Lost keys, Servicing, Repair + replacement. On UPVC, Composite, Wood, Doors, Windows + Locks.



Securing properties + Assets, Replacement Locks. Contract work, Warrant Work, Repair + Maintenance.


CCTV Security Systems

We Install + Maintain a variety of cctv security systems. Protecting your home, Workplace, People and assets.


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