Key safe box information

Key safe box

What is a key safe box?

A key safe box is a device that is fitted to a building allowing the safe store of keys. Generally most are small in size and can fit a couple of keys in. The purpose is to have keys safely stored at the property which can be accessed by anyone who knows the code to open the box. Under the black cover is a combination lock which once set to the correct password will allow the user access to the keys that are held within the safe.

Are key safes a good idea?

Key safes can be time saving for a lot of families and businesses. People who have home assistance like cleaners, gardners, healthcare assistants all benefit from the key safe with the keys always being onsite so no one forgets their keys and it means you are limiting the amount of people that have keys. As a parent I am a big fan if my child forgets their set of keys when in school we know a set is there.

My neighbour has access so when we are on holiday they are able to feed our animals. A key safe can avoid the need to call out an emergency lockssmith because you have lost your keys. Air Bnb providers use them as the keys for their property are constantly switching hands and it means they don’t have to have anyone waiting around for handover.


Police approved Safety boxes

There are a few Units on the market place that have a seal of approval from the police. With the extra security these units offer. We will be reviewing these in the coming weeks and will post our feed back on the best unit. Often the most expensive is not the best. We will keep you posted in the meantime here is the police guidance for key box installations

 Why should I get a locksmith to fit my key safe?

Not everyone is security minded, Locksmiths are and they can advise on the best place to install. They will also be able to fix the safe with anchor bolts so it is secure to the wall and can’t be smashed off. For more information about key safe installation please reach out.

 Can you break into a key safe?

Yes, anything can be broken into. This is why it is important to make sure it is concealed and anchored correctly. Given enough time a burgler could cut a key safe open with an angle grinder. This would be noisy and take time, so they wouldn’t want to do it whilst on your property. So if you stop the key safe from being removed from the wall then you are protected. They will never attempt to break into it whilst onsite, it would be easier and quieter to smash your window or kick the door in. This is also why we never recommend going for the most expensive locks.

If they want to break into your house burgler’s are not going to pick the lock, they will gain entry via a destructive method. An outdoor safe to lock your keys in securley can be a great asset in many situations. There are many people around the world that all ready have them installed on their properties. They have saved countless hours all around the world with people no longer having to find keys to gain entry. If it is something you would like installed give us a call even if it is only for some free advice and what to install and how to do it.

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