The “CHIMAERA MINE” security system.

CHIMAERA security systems for your home.

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Our aluminium signage supplied with each installation.

The Chimaera concept mine system is a newly adopted form of defence by express locks Cardiff for those that wish to protect property and grounds in a more aggressive manner, whilst still remaining within the legal boundaries of UK “ United Kingdom” law and legislation.

From persistent exterior trespass issues, to interior perimeter protection, our booby trap style alarm devices create a very loud instant alert to residents and neighbours “similar to a gunshot” and nearly impossible to ignore.

If the device does not instantly have the trespasser fleeing the scene in fear, the alert created by triggering it is of such intensity, that it draws attention in ways over and way beyond what a traditional alarm siren can offer, while also instantly alerting anybody within up to a 200 metre radius of the activity.

Still within the research and development stage we are hopeful to also be introducing an additional function through our partners that can instantly disperse a cloud of UV dye / paint / smart water “similar to dye packs that banks use” in order to instantly stain the immediate surroundings including potential law breaking trespassers and or burglars thus helping law enforcement “should they attend”, in order to identify the suspect away from the scene of any potential criminal prior activity.

Call the Chimaera now to discuss your needs from as little as £200.