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Garage door restoration

We provide a vast range of services relating to all out door security requirements as well as the obvious home and office services. We can supply, fit, restore and rebuild almost any security related devices. From a metal garage door full replacement, to a total restoration of the existing equipment.

Even things that appear beyond repair!

We are in fact so good at the restoration process that locksmiths from all over the Uk call us for our help , Knowledge and assistance.

We happily provide this informal advice to anybody, as we enjoy the recognition of authority in this area.

Garage door types

Garage doors can come in many different materials, and both Mechanical and electrical opening.

In times gone by garage doors were made from wooden material much like the side doors. The issue with timber garage doors is that they can rot and are heavy. In more recent years the material most commonly used was galvanised aluminum. The material is much lighter than timber. It also from a structural point of view will last longer. There are sectional doors, Roller shutter doors and up and over doors.

Choosing a New Garage door

Finding the most suitable garage door for your property can feel like a minefield. It is worth taking advantage of garage door companies in south wales that offer a free site survey. They will be able to give accurate measurement’s and tell you if you are facing any space restrictions for the mechanism, or power source etc. Depending on where in south wales you live, weather conditions can affect the supply products that are most suitable for your project. Most Garage door companies in south wales will offer high quality products from many well known manufacturers. There are ranges of stylish garage doors to match your home’s current décor. You can ensure complete security by making sure the garage door has a multi-point locking system.

Do I need a new garage door?

As restorative repair specialists based in Cardiff South Glamorgan, We can offer expert services and arrange to visit you upon request to look at potential repairs. We pride ourselves on our expert workmanship and our ability to retore, locks, Mechanisms, springs, handles etc. We offer competitive prices for garage door repairs and access garage doors. Door repair on access garage doors is often required when there is a change in weather, Causing expansion and contraction of wood. This can cause issues with the handles and lock mechanisms failing where they are stiff and people force them open. People will bodge a fix which works but they forget to seal the wood to stop further issue. Also if the wood all ready has water ingress then it would still cause future issues.

Most suitable garage door

Ensuring complete security of your garage should be the most important factor when choosing. The highest quality materials in the mechanism and moving parts is a big factor as they will be the parts that overtime will wear the most.

We are more than happy for a fully trained member of staff to complete a free survey assisting you you in choosing the most suitable garage door to replace your old door. We offer this service around south Wales and can issue a comprehensive quote for both a repair or a new installation. We offer emergency repairs and maintenance which can save you money. All installation work are completed on site at your property. For any customer installation request please phone us to talk about the install or to arrange a free survey. We pride ourselves on our professional manner and excellent service.

What You Can Try Before Contacting a Locksmith?

As with any product with a movable mechanism a garage door will require service + maintenance. Whether it is manual or electronic we have the skills to Service, Repair and even replace if necessary.

Garage Door Repair
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