There are many dozens of good capable and professional locksmiths operating in the cardiff Area. They can range from national companies to independent and family run firms, some of them generational. The reason for our existing here at express locks cardiff is we found a niche in the market where many other professionals tend to neglect. Yes we are an excellent emergency locksmith service operating a genuine 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and as we commonly here from our urgent call out customers, we actually pick up the phone when nobody else seems to do so. But we do so much more than the 24/7 locksmith gig. Our daytime work loads tend to be restoration based. We thoroughly enjoy it, and we are slowly being recognised by the industry elite as a go too service. Many professional trades are now booking our services for door restoration when a budget simply won’t allow for replacement. But also when an existing door / garage door or entry is irreplaceable to the owner. That’s where we come in with our sympathetic, real work based knowledge and expertise. If your tenants have had a visit with the big red key?, we are the firm that can fix it. Be it temporarily or permanently. Garage doors totally destroyed? We can normally refurbish it. This kind of patience and cost effective approach to repair rather than replace is what sets us aside. Our rates are reasonable too, often coming in at half the cost of a full replacement. More importantly, if you have something that is irreplaceable for whatever reason, be it obsolete, personal preference or sentimental value. Calling the Chimaera is often the best choice in South Wales.