Express locks cardiff is well equipped for any permanent fixture security based services.

Be this locks, cctv, security lighting, boarding up services and any general security based reactive repair, we do it all in emergency response or by planned maintenance contracts and individual booking services.

As much as we excel in this field, we are unfortunately sometimes having to be the bearers of bad news regarding costs.

As an example, as awe inspiring as they look, commercial glass doors are very expensive. Even the smaller types can cost as much as £10,000 to replace if damaged.

For this reason, we often quote a customer for works, and our customers are normally very happy with prices quoted, however, with glass doors for example, this is also pending the additional cost of insurance indemnity cover for these specific one off tasks.

A job that can maybe only cost £300, in fact can potentially come with an indemnity cost of £500 or maybe even much more.

We can do certain things to mitigate against these costs such as an indemnity waiver.

provided by the client, this allows for a much more budget friendly repair, however should the worst case scenario occur, this can leave the customer with an unexpected repair bill and potential additional temporary security costs to cover should the worst case scenario happen. We have never had a mistake happen yet, however it is worth baring in mind when taking the decision on how to move forward with your tasks.

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