In many circumstances our price structure is fixed, fair and as low as possible. Beware of companies advertising low fees, they tend to be a call out fee only (we don’t charge call out fee’s) and then they charge as much as £180 just to drill a lock.

When we give you a price, based on the information you have provided to us, the price is fixed. This means, as long as we’ve got the full information, we can normally carry out the work at the previously agreed price regardless of time taken.

Example Locksmith prices

For example, you’ve locked yourself out of your house at 1pm in the afternoon, our fixed price for this is £95. If we are unable to non destructively open your lock, we will remove it, and replace it at the agreed price of just £95. No call out fee, no drilling charge, no labour charge, and no charge for a lock!! And then we give you a 2 year warranty.

A £49’er as the professional industry call them, are normally found at the top paid listings of google adverts as sponsored ads, advertising themselves at £49 or £59 sometimes a little more or sometimes a little less. In reality, that cheap locksmith is £49 call out charge, £180 to drill a lock, “they can never pick” between £50 and £150 labour charge, and then between £40 and £100 for the replacement lock plus anything else they can get away with adding to the bill. These national style companies are destroying the honest locksmith industry, and are rarely even trained correctly.

Spiralling locksmith costs

We’ve seen bills as high as £1000 by these cheap locksmiths who are never available for warranty work, “and in the likely event that the engineer attending has made a mistake” we are then called back to rectify the work, this meaning we have to still be eventually called out to rectify the issues anyway., and unfortunately at additional cost to the customer. Don’t get caught out, check our faq’s to navigate such occurrences happening to you.

Call the Chimaera for your emergency needs, even if just for advice.