Hot weather and the UK don’t normally go in the same sentence however we have been experiencing a spell of unusual, consistent heat. We have had an increase in calls from customers that have been having issues with their UPVC and wooden doors. The extreme heat is causing expansion and causing the doors to operate incorrectly. This is problematic to people as if you do nothing the catching will cause an increase in wear to the mechanism and likely bring on a serious failure to the lock mechanism.

If you find your door or lock suddenly stops working after previously showing no signs of difficulty, there are many simple tricks and hacks available on youtube.

Most of them an absolute waste of time and effort, if you have an older wooden door or UPVC door a good soaking down with cold water for five minutes can cure all the issues brought on by British summer heat.

We could go into the maths and science of expansion and retraction or warping but nobody cares about all that.

Just soak the door and door frame for 5 minutes and you’ve got yourself a good 50/50 chance of not needing to pay a locksmith for a call out.

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