From a simple doorbell to a fully automated in home security system incorporating video doorbells, cctv, and smart locks.

The vast array currently available is nearly non exhaustive.

From Ring video door bells to Yale smart locking handles, this brief opinion piece is an insight into an employees perspective at Express locksmith Cardiff.

We have so far been asked to install and remove many types of smart home security options, including surprising brands of video doorbells and smart locks, some of which have been plagued by technical difficulties and operational failures, and some which have exceeded all expectations.

The overall opinions within the locksmith and security communities, is that the consensus is still far out. Some particular smart door locks and video door bell systems are not fit for purpose, where as some with extortionate price tags also fit into this category, some with the much more reasonable price tags can exceed expectations.

That being said, it’s always best to get your own well informed opinion of a product before taking the plunge.

Be this from a professional, or a family member / friend with direct personal experience.

We personally discourage certain actions under certain conditions to help prevent disappointment, but will of course always do as our customer requests.

Calling the Chimaera will reward you with a frank, no up sell discussion, focussed purely on helping you to understand any pit falls or benefits from taking these decisions, because although we know first hand you only get what you pay for, we also know from personal experience a fool and there money are easily parted.

We urge all to benefit from both ours and some of the general publics expensive mistakes.